Your 2019 Laptop Buying Guide: What to Take Into Account and a Look at the Top Models

Have you grown tired of a sluggish laptop processor? Do you require a new unit for personal or business purposes? Perhaps you are instead searching for a Christmas gift for that tech-savvy friend or family member. Either way, it is a good idea to know what factors should be taken into account as well as some of the signs that you are making a sound decision. Let us therefore spend a good deal of time reviewing the hallmarks of a quality system before concluding with a list of the best models currently on the market.

Laptops 101: The Physical Attributes

Many articles focus solely upon the hard drive and the associated CPU memory capacity of a laptop. While these are indeed important (and will be addressed in a later section), it is critical to realise that modern laptops should be durable, comfortable and easy to transport. For instance, what does the entire unit weigh? How long will it remain operational before the battery needs to be recharged? How large is the display screen and is it suitable for your requirements? Are modern amenities such as hotkeys or a touch bar included (both common with Mac laptops)? Finally, is the unit resistant to wear and tear? If you are hoping to enjoy a trouble-free experience, it is a good idea to take these variables seriously.

What Operating System Suits Your the Best?

In this case, you have two main choices: Windows or Macintosh. While both companies are quite respectable and reliable. we should note that Macs are known for their prowess in terms of media playback. Windows systems are more designed for generic usage. Still, the applications that are eventually installed will have a massive impact upon the experience of the end user. As a general rule of thumb, Mac laptops tend to be relatively more expensive when compared to Windows-powered devices.

All About Processing Power

We now enter into the most technical aspect of this article. Without becoming overly verbose, it is always important to take a look at the memory capacity of the laptop in question. This will directly relate to how smooth it will perform as well as the amount of information that can be stored before you will start to notice issues in terms of lagging or freezing programs. Most modern laptops offer hundreds of gigabytes of international memory storage and the chances are high that you might be able to choose a model with an extended amount of RAM (random access memory). The type of processor is also important. Some of the best are produced by Intel although other models such as the popular Snapdragon have proven to be quite useful if you happen to be running memory-laden applications.

Upgrades in the Future?

Never forget that any laptop represents a very real investment. So, you should choose one which will not suddenly become obsolete within a few years. A large portion of this concern can be addressed if you select a make and model that allows for future updates. We are not only referring to software changes (such as a newer operating system). We are also speaking of hardware upgrades such as a new graphics driver or a replacement battery if the existing unit encounters any issues. Of course, the majority of these concerns will be covered within the warranty. Also be sure to check the terms and conditions in order to better appreciate what issues are covered (in terms of parts and labour). While laptops with no upgrades might represent the cheaper option, keep in mind that you might actually be forced to pay more down the line if you need to purchase an entirely new unit.

The Top Manufacturers on the Market Today

now that we have examined some of the most important guidelines to take into account when purchasing a new laptop, it is a good idea to conclude by listing what many experts consider to represent the top manufacturers on the market today. At the time tht this article was written, the best companies included:

  • MacBook

  • Hp

  • Dell

  • Asus

  • Microsoft Surface

  • Lenovo

  • Samsung

As always, perform additional research in order to determine which brand matches your desires and price range.

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