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A Look at Mobile Phones in the United Kingdom: Your Quick Go-To Guide


Nearly everyone owns a mobile phone in this day and age. Not only do we use these gadgets to keep in touch with friends and family, but they are now able to access the Internet with lightning-fast speeds. This is due in no small part to 3G and 4G connectivity. In fact, many public areas such as the London Metro now offer free wireless connections to all of their travellers. As there are so many makes and models to choose from on the open market, how are you to know the best options at your disposal? Let's take a quick look at the technology behind mobile phones and some of the main features to keep in mind before concluding with a list of the top companies currently on the market.


Why is Technology Important?


In the past, mobile phones were only able to accomplish a few simple tasks. Sending and receiving messages, accessing email and speaking to friends tended to be the three most common options. The advent of streamlined technology has dramatically increased the number of actions that you can take. Watching videos, downloading dedicated applications and even downloading entire films are now only a click away.


This is primarily the result of what is known as 4G connectivity. All technical jargon aside, 4G connectivity essentially means that you are dealing with a broader bandwidth when connecting with a server. As a result, information can be uploaded and downloaded much quicker than would have ever been possible in the past.


This has also given rise to touch-screen phones. The advent of HD video playback, instantaneous chat messaging and nearly universal wireless access have all made the diminutive mobile phone one of the most important items that the average consumer can possess. So, how do you go about choosing the best make and model?


More Than Price Alone


It is no secret that popular mobile phone models such as those produced by Samsung and Apple can cost a thousand pounds or more. They are therefore very real investments. This is why choosing the best unit is critical. Take a look at your budget in order to determine whether or not you can afford monthly instalments (most phones can be purchased on payment plans). Also take into account what you expect to be charged from a carrier for monthly usage.


Assuming that you have tackled the pricing variable, it is a good idea to look at the performance of the phone. Some models are more concerned with HD video playback and media features while other centre around memory storage capacities and robust designs. These features will obviously depend upon your needs. Always remember that amenities such as increased screen size and larger storage capacities will be associated with a more expensive unit.


Before you make an ultimate decision, ALWAYS make it a point to read the latest online reviews. The fact of the matter is that there are many authoritative websites which will provide you with independent opinions from experts. These are often better to consult than the companies themselves, as every firM wishes to portray its phones in the most favourable light.


Finally, see what real users have had to say about their previous experiences. This will provide you with an objective perspective as well as a rather hands-on sense of what you can expect in the near future.


A Look at the Top Mobile Phone Service Providers in the United Kingdom


As you may have already imagined, the mobile phone market within the United Kingdom is defined by fierce levels of competition. This has resulted in a kaleidoscope of different providers which can be chosen. Let's take a look at some of the top companies before moving on. At the time that this article was written, the firms listed below represent the largest mobile phone market shares:


  • EE

  • O2

  • Vodafone

  • 3

  • Tesco

  • Virgin Media/Any Virgin

  • GiffGaff

  • Orange

  • TalkTalk


The main takeaway point is that the coverage levels associated with each provider are likely to differ depending upon where in the United Kingdom you are located. However, most offer interactive maps in order to determine if their levels suit your communications requirements. Also, keep in mind that each will offer you a number of different subscription plans. These tend to be based off of data usage, so read the terms and conditions carefully. On a final note, look for caps on so-called “unlimited” plans; there can still sometimes be cut-off points to note.


The importance of mobile phones within the United Kingdom cannot be overstated and this is why making the correct decision is important. This article is meant to serve as a rough guide, so please feel free to perform additional research as you see fit.

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