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All That You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Next Smart Device

It seems as if the term "smart" is nearly ubiquitous throughout our daily lives. Smartphones, smart watches, smart home entertainment systems and even smart security networks are now all realities. These provide us with the option to enjoy a more comfortable and connected lifestyle than ever before. However, they are still accompanied by a fair amount of confusion. What exactly defines a "smart" device? What are some of the traits which the leading brand names in the industry share in common? Are there any ways for you to save a significant amount of money when purchasing one of these clever gadgets? We will take a look at all three of these questions within this article so that you will be able to make an informed and economically prudent decision well in advance.

What Defines a Smart Device?

This is somewhat of a loaded question, as industry experts differ in regards to the exact definition. The traditional means of classifying a smart device was based around the concept of a system that was able to be customised based off of the needs of the end user. This has now been taken to the next level thanks to the presence of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Many smart systems are literally able to learn from your interactions. For example, think of a retail website that you visit on a regular basis. Whenever you return, it is likely that you are presented with relevant offers that are associated with your past purchase history. This is a subdued (and yet completely valid) example of how smart systems are playing a massive role in our daily lives.

How to Find the Best Device for Your Requirements

We will be focusing upon smart devices to be employed around the home for the sake of this article. So, the first factor to take into account is integration. Will the unit in question be able to work with your current legacy systems? The best smart devices on the market can be integrated into most major appliances and existing forms of architecture. This is largely accomplished through the use of well-known third-party software such as Bluetooth wireless connections.

Still, this is not always the case. Some systems such as connected light bulbs are only able to work with proprietary software (the Philips Hue lighting elements are perfect examples). This does not necessarily signify that you are bereft of options, but rather that you might need to invest in additional hardware if you are hoping to enjoy a seamless configuration

The other major concern is the reliability of the smart device in question as well as the flexibility that it offers the end user. Try to purchase units that can be upgraded in the future. You might otherwise be faced with the unfortunate prospect of having to purchase an entirely new system. Never fail to address durability. Many of these devices are meant to be placed around the home and moved when required. Be sure that the unit is able to stand up to a slight amount of wear and tear.

Saving Money and Time Along the Way

Some devices are amenably priced while others (especially those which have recently the market) can cost a substantial amount of money. Much like any other potential purchase, perform research in advance to appreciate what the average consumer price is currently listed at. In addition, take a look at possibilities of obtaining online rebates if you happen to purchase a single device as a portion of a larger home entertainment system (an example can be seen in the previous offers which accompanied the Philips Hue smart home lighting system when paired with a Philips smart television). Finally, purchase your smart devices during certain times of the year that are known for offering rebates. Black Friday is a perfect example of this recommendation.

The Top Brands and Devices on the Markets Today

Are you curious to learn about which devices have made the top of the list in terms of design and functionality? We have compiled a brief list immediately below so that you can focus your efforts in the right direction.

  • Philips Hue

  • Alexa

  • Amazon Echo

  • Netatmo

  • JBL LinkView

  • Apple HomePod

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