Taking the Guesswork Out of Purchasing a Tablet Computer

Although smartphones have taken centre stage in terms of portability and functionality, tablet computers still represent a great way to enjoy the latest videos and to access your favourite websites while out and about. The good news is that the average tablet has dropped in price during the past few years due to technological advancements and an increasingly competitive marketplace. However, the decision process can still be quite challenging. How are you to uncover the best makes and models on the market today? As any tablet represents a very real investment, it makes a great deal of sense to examine this topic in greater detail. If you are looking to save time as well as a substantial amount of money, the information offered below should never be overlooked.

Choosing the Best Model: The Broad Strokes

Before getting down to technical aspects, it is a good idea to list some of the most important factors when deciding upon a tablet. The screen size is arguably the most important factor. Larger displays are great for watching videos and movies. They are also ideal if you happen to be reading documents on a regular basis. Navigating websites tends to be easier with a larger display and naturally, this is a bonus. Also, take a look at the physical build of the tablet. Does it appear to be fragile or too lightweight? Is it water and dust resistant? How long will the battery last and what is the total time required to recharge the unit to its full capacity? While these concerns might initially appear to be obvious, you would be surprised to learn that many consumers fail to address such basic questions.

Technical Considerations

We should now take a look at some technical features to take into account. Any tablet should be equipped with a powerful graphics card as well as an equally robust processor. Both of these hardware considerations will directly equate to the speed of the unit itself. The resolution is just as important. Does the tablet support 4K UHD or is it equipped to handle standard video inputs? This is not as much of an issue if the unit is intended to be used for browsing the web and yet, it is extremely critical in terms of media playback. Take a look a the number of pixels per square inch (a standard measurement) and compare this measurement to that associated with your smartphone. You will be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

The Finer Points

Notwithstanding the resolution and the processing power, there are some other issues to address. Is the display created with a scratch-resistant barriers such as Gorilla Glass? How many USB ports are included within its construction? Will the unit be compatible with other devices such as laptops and smartphones? Is it equipped with Bluetooth connectivity?

The weight and size of the tablet are other issues. The chances are high that you will be travelling from place to place. Having to deal with an obtrusive and unwieldy unit will lead to unnecessary levels of aggravation. If possible, try to select one that comes with a separate carrier.

Updates are a final concern and these will primarily involve the operating system. Are these updates automatic and how much time will they take to install? How frequently will they be required? Keep in mind that some operating systems such as the latest version of Windows 10 makes such updates mandatory and they can be quite annoying if they occur on a nearly daily basis. Choosing the correct OS is critical if you hope to enjoy a stress-free experience.

The Best Tablets on the Market in 2018 and 2019

It should now be clear to understand what to look for when deciding upon a specific tablet. Of course, price is the final concern. Always try to remain within your budget and never purchase a unit that might cause your fiscal worries in the future. Having said this, let us finally list the top tablet providers on the market today so that you know where to look in advance:

  • The iPad Pro and the iPad Air

  • The Samsung Galaxy

  • Google Pixel

  • Huawei

  • Asus

  • Lenovo

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