What to Take Into Account When Shopping for the Latest Televisions on the Market

Some of us who are old enough remember the days when cathode-ray tube televisions were considered to be cutting-edge technology. We may even have had access to a few dozen channels if we were lucky. Times have indeed changed, and profoundly. The latest smart televisions are equipped with amazing technological innovations and the majority can now be connected to other devices such as smartphones and laptop computers. With so many choices available on the open market, how can we possibly make an informed decision while staying with a predetermined budget? Let us take a closer look at which metrics should be taken into account as well as what to look for in a smart television.

Size, Display Dimensions and Resolution

It is always important to address practical concerns from the very beginning. How large is the television and will it represent a hindrance within a room? Take the dimensions into size, as extremely large televisions can actually become distractions as opposed to methods of entertainment. Larger units are also unwieldy and difficult to move around.

The resolution is arguably the most critical component during the buying process. This is represented in pixels (measurements of tiny areas of on-screen illumination). Higher pixel counts equate to better resolution. this is key if you are a fan of the latest movies or if you wish to use the television for playing games. The type of screen will also have an impact upon the number of pixels as well as issues such as contrast and colour quality. While LCD screens were popular a handful of years ago, the majority of televisions are now equipped with technology such as LED or OLED screens. Some of these also offer back-lit features; a quality that is said to dramatically improve picture quality.

Connectivity with Other Devices

It is always best to purchase a television that is able to be connected with other common devices. These include smartphones, gaming consoles, speakers and laptops. Check to see if wireless Bluetooth connectivity is provided, as this system will provide you with a much greater sense of flexibility. If wireless connectivity is not offered as a standard feature, plug-in systems such as dongles might be available.

User-Friendly Features

One of the keys to enjoying quality entertainment involves the user-friendly systems that are built into the design of a television. USB ports, RCA cable jacks and remote controls are three examples of hardware options that should be determined well in advance. However, keep in mind that you need to be able to adjust the system based off of personal preferences. This is why the user interfaced (UI) should be examined. How easy is it to navigate between different menus? Will the television require a steep learning curve to make adjustments or does it offer an intuitive interface? The best way to determine the answers to these questions is by performing online research. Take a look at the system specifications and perhaps more importantly, understand what others have been saying with the help of third-party review portals. These are excellent sources of unbiased information, so you will be able to know what to expect in advance.

Mounting Options

This is another critical topic that is often overlooked by other consumer advice articles. Smart televisions can either be placed atop an entertainment centre with the help of a built-in stand or they can be affixed to a wall with the help of a firm mounting mechanism. The good news is that both of these options are generally present within quality models. Before purchasing the television, be sure to determine that your walls will be able to support its weight. Once again, details can generally be found within the technical specifications of the device in question.

Some of the Best Manufacturers Currently on the Market

We have now covered all of the main points to keep in mind when purchasing a new television. However, what are some of the top names on the market? Let's quickly list the most respected manufacturers so that you can narrow your online search parameters down. Feel free to perform additional research as may be required.

  • Samsung

  • LG

  • Sony Bravio

  • Vizio

  • Sony Master

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