Booking a Holiday Cottage In The UK: Top Tips 2020

Booking the perfect home will enable you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Various factors will determine if you will enjoy your holiday at the cottage where you will staying. A good cottage should serve you with, security, good communication, peace of mind and a good vicinity to those who love nature. Finding your perfect cottage for holiday depends directly on the cottage properties vs. your specific requirements. You can assure that you get your desired home by doing thorough research using the following guidelines.

Where to book cottages in the UK

You can book a cottage via a third party or you can choose to deal with the cottage’s owner directly. Either way you choose will have both pros and cons. Using a third party guarantees security and thus your chance of being robbed is nearly impossible. This comes with the disadvantage of incurring an extra cost to pay for the third party's services. Airbnb Guest Services cost up to 20% of the booking, while home away services fees and TripAdvisor fees cost up to 12% and 16% respectively. Dealing with the cottage owner will eliminate these costs but you risk getting the wrong cottage or even losing your money. If you are new to Airbnb, you can get £34 off your first trip by following this link.

What to look for in a cottage

Everyone will prefer to stay in a safe place regardless of the time. The cottage should also have good network coverage to facilitate communication. Some booking facilities will charge you in case you want to cancel the process and therefore, be keen on their charging processes. Size should also be of importance depending on what you prefer. Some cottages will allow pets but some will not. It is better to confirm all the cottage specifications to avoid being disappointed at the last minute.

To ensure you get the best cottage, you can review their past ratings online to know what experience the past users had. Some cottages will offer discounts but do not expect to get this from all. You should also confirm all the amenities that will be provided together with servicing in case need be.

When to book a cottage

It is important to book a cottage when many people are not doing so. Even though this sounds obvious, it will save you a bit of money. Peak seasons for booking result in high demand for cottages which in return translates to an increase in charges. Booking when demand is not high you will get a good cottage at a cheaper price and you are also likely to get your precise cottage due to high availability. Many cottages will ask you to book a cottage from around two months before your stay date. So you should at least start looking for a cottage 3 months before your holiday starts.

Holiday insurance

You should take an insurance cover to protect you in case you get a need to council your booking process. It will come in handy if you need to protect yourself against issues such as illness or an emergency. This will be of great importance since it can cover you up to €1000. Looking at it from an economical perspective, it is better to spend that money on insurance and in case you are in trouble, it will be a great save for you.

The booking process

The process starts with you locating your cottage of choice among the top destinations. You then contact the owner or the third party that will be conducting the process. You should do a thorough background check of the cottage to ensure that you get the worth of what you pay for. There are ways of proving that the cottage belongs to the person who claims to be owners if the cottage. You can ask several questions about the surrounding areas to confirm if they are equipped with knowledge about the place. You can also go through the cottage history to see the previous leases and how they went through. Lastly, you can contact the appropriate authorities with your query and they will surely be of help to you.

In summary, a good cottage will ensure that you enjoy your holiday without any distractions. There are many top destinations offering Airbnb services in the UK. Finding the right cottage is a process that will take time but the fruits you will reap from this are, many.

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