Florida is known as The Sunshine State, and for good reason. Florida is one of the warmest states in the nation. Bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and the west by the Atlantic Ocean, this peninsula is home to major cities as well as picturesque strips of coastline. As there are so many possibilities during a holiday, we have put together this brief article in order to highlight what many consider to represent the most attractive possibilities for individuals as well as for families. Let's go ahead and take a closer look.

Walt Disney World and The Magic Kingdom

No holiday-related article would be complete without mentioning Walt Disney World and The nearby Magic Kingdom. Located just outside of Orlando in central Florida, these theme parks are ideal for children and adults alike. Kids will enjoy the countless rides and film attractions while adults tend to prefer Epcot Center. There are also on-site accommodations in the form of reputable hotels if you do not wish to rent within the city of Orlando itself.

The Florida Keys

This state is known to be quite crowded at times; particularly during the height of the summer tourist season. Thankfully, you have a respite from the throngs of people in the form of the Florida Keys. Consisting of no fewer than 120 individual islands, the keys are known for their natural beauty as well as for the number of boutique hotels to choose from.

Everglades National Park

Florida is also known for its vast expanse of wilderness found within the centre of the state. Everglades National Park comprises a massive 1.5 million acres and some of the wildlife here can be seen nowhere on earth. Another benefit associated with this park is that there are numerous guided tours available including a two-hour tram ride which highlights all of the most attractive locations. This can represent a perfect day trip for the entire family.

South Beach

In terms of beautiful beaches and an amazing nightlife, there is no better spot to enjoy than South Beach. This location is home to a number of famous celebrities and you are able to glean an up-close-and-personal view of amazingly clear waters. Some locations are reserved for hotel guests, so South Beach is a nice alternative to the more crowded locations such as West Palm Beach.

When to Visit

The one factor which you will need to take into account is the possibility of hurricanes. Hurricane season generally stretches from the middle portion of June through until late September. This is also when temperatures can sometimes reach above 40ºC. So, it might be better to beat the heat (as well as inclement weather) by scheduling your journey during the spring or the late autumn. The weather will be much more accommodating and the chances of falling victim to foul weather conditions are dramatically reduced. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen as well as a beach towel, as Florida will leave you coming back for more!

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