New York

New York, New York. These four words bring up images of a glittering skyline, a host of unique shops and some of the most exquisite hotels in existence. However, there is much more to meet the eye than the city alone. In order to provide you with a more well-rounded view of this amazing state, let's go ahead and take a look at some lesser-known New York destinations which will still leave an indelible mark within your memory.

The Hampton Bays

Located on the eastern shores of Long Island, the Hamptons have always been known as a playground of the rich and famous. While the lodging here may indeed be slightly more expensive when compared to other locations, the fact of the matter is that spending a bit of extra money can be a great idea. You will have immediate access to immaculate beaches and should you choose to arrive in the late summer, the chances are high that you can witness film festivals and similar outdoor celebrations. The Hampton Bays are found approximately one hour to the east of New York City and regular train services are offered.

The Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains are known for their sense of immortal majesty. While not as high as the northern Adirondack range, the Catskills offer a unique tranquillity of their own. There are numerous bed and breakfast hotels throughout the region and these are amenably priced throughout the year. You can choose to visit the famous site of Woodstock or drive through rolling hills and sinuous motorways at your leisure. However, keep in mind that this region can become quite cold during the winter months. It is better to visit during the spring or the early autumn (particularly if you enjoy seeing a kaleidoscope of colours when the leaves begin to change).

The Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes were created as a result of glacial activity more than 10,000 years ago. They are now known for their beauty and this region has also become famous for its wine production. Some vintages are even said to rival other locations such as the Napa Valley in California. This is another favourite holiday hot spot, as the cities of Syracuse and Rochester are only a short drive away. If you plan on hiring a car, you can arrive at the Finger Lakes via Interstate 90 (often referred to simply as the I-90).

Whether arriving to New York to experience the lights of the big city or to appreciate the finer points of this amazing state, there is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for. New York is quite large and if you have the time, it could be wise to schedule a holiday for at least five days. Either way, the Empire State will not let you down!

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