Pet Insurance

Our furry creatures are certainly members of the family. Much like a child or a loved one, when a dog or a cat (or even a bird) becomes ill, we will seek the best treatment options available. This is why it is a bit ironic that there are still some owners who do not possess an adequate pet insurance policy. Let's take a look at how these policies function from a general standpoint before examining a few common options that you will have.

Why Choose a Pet Insurance plan?

Much like their human counterparts, pets will become ill from time to time. Although instances such as a common cold will generally resolve themselves, other situations including cancers or age-related illnesses can be quite dangerous. Since our pets cannot physically tell us what is wrong, we will need to head off to the veterinarian. As treatments can sometimes be expensive, a pet insurance plan will provide us with the financial protection that would not otherwise be possible. What are the different types of pet insurance that you can choose from?

Lifetime Plans

It can be argued that lifetime coverage is the most comprehensive, as there is no time frame in regards to the protection that it will provide. One major benefit is that should your pet develop any conditions as it ages, the insurer will still have to offer coverage (with a few exceptions). The only concern is that your premiums will likely rise as the pet ages and the risk of illness becomes more prominent.

Annual Coverage

Your second option is to choose a plan which renews itself every 12 months. This is known as an annual policy or a “rollover” plan. This is much cheaper when compared to a lifetime policy, so it could be a good idea if you are on a limited budget. Unfortunately, there is a downside. It will be difficult to find a provider which will offer you a policy as your pet ages. In most cases, any pre-existing or congenital conditions will also not be covered.

Accident Only

This is the basic form of pet insurance. It will only provide financial coverage in the event that your pet is involved with an accident (such as getting hit by a car or breaking a leg). Emergency dental procedures will most likely not be included within these policies and as the name hints, illnesses are not part of these options. Now that we have taken a look at the three most common types of pet insurance plans, let us examine how you can find the best deal.

Getting the Best Policy for Your Pet

The age and existing health of the pet are two primary concerns. Also, take a look and see if the breed is associated with any conditions later in life such as arthritis or glaucoma. How many veterinarians are included within the policy and what type of co-payments will you be required to make in the event that medication is prescribed? Will the premiums rise over the years and can you cancel the plan without being subject to any early termination fees?

These are some of the basic questions that you should ask in order to make sure that you have the insight to decide correctly.

The Top 10 Pet Insurance Providers

There is no doubt that a pet is a part of the family. Whether referring to a dog, a cat or a bird, this observation is just as true. It should therefore be a priority that their health and welfare are protected at all times. In the event of an accident or an illness, pet insurance can come in very handy. Not only will it save you a substantial amount of money, but you may very well be able top receive treatment options that would not otherwise be possible. The other major concern is that there are different levels of this protection and there are literally thousands of providers. Finding the best one for your needs can be tricky at best and downright frustrating at worst. We have put together a top-ten list to save you the time and the effort.

  • Animal Friends
  • PetPlan
  • John Lewis Finance Pet Insurance
  • Direct Line Pet Insurance
  • M&S Bank Pet Insurance
  • Tesco Bank Pet Insurance
  • Sainsbury's Bank Pat Insurance
  • LV Pet Insurance
  • The Kennel Club Pet Insurance
  • More Than Pet Insurance

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