Online Grocery Shopping UK: Which Supermarkets Deliver?


Which Grocery Delivery Service Is The Best?


Not all of us have time to go to the supermarket after work or on the weekends. On average, the UK spends over £150m pounds a week on online grocery shopping. We now have so many options when it comes to doing our food shop online, from the classic big boys like Tesco,  Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda, to new challengers like Amazon Fresh. In this article you will find a list of all UK supermarkets that deliver groceries, along with delivery costs and minimum spend required for delivery.

AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery Information

AmazonFresh Delivery Minimum Spend:  £40

AmazonFresh Delivery Fee: No Delivery Fee with Fresh Add On (£3.99 per month), £2.99 delivery fee without Fresh Add On

AmazonFresh Free Delivery Price Threshold: £0 with Fresh Add On, £120 without Fresh Add On

Other Important Info: AmazonFresh is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Shopping with AmazonFresh is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Eligible customers can sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime and a 30-day free trial of the Fresh Add-on. While you won't be charged for your free trials, you'll be automatically converted to a paid Amazon Prime membership and the paid monthly Fresh Add-on at the end of your free trial periods. If you aren't currently an Amazon Prime member and you've previously had an Amazon Prime 30-day free trial, you may be interested in starting a paid Amazon Prime membership. More information about AmazonFresh can be found here.

Asda Grocery Delivery Information

Asda Delivery Minimum Spend: £40

Asda Delivery Fee: £1-£6.50 (Free delivery available with Grocery Delivery Passes, starting fronm £5 a month)

Other Important Info: Cheapest Asda delivery slots (2 hour time slots) are between Monday and Thursday in the afternoons and evenings. They offer Grocery Delivery Passes, which allow free delivery during certain periods.

Iceland Grocery Delivery Information

Iceland Delivery Minimum Spend: £25 (£20 with Iceland Bonus Card)

Iceland Delivery Fee: £2-£4 (Free if spending over £35) 

Free Delivery Price Threshold: £35 (£20 with Iceland Bonus Card)

Other Important Info:  You can sign up for an Iceland Bonus Card to receive exclusive offers, including free delivery on spends over £20

Morrisons Grocery Delivery Information

Morrisons Delivery Minimum Spend: £40

Morrisons Delivery Fee: £1.50-£5 (Free with Delivery Pass)

Other Important Info: The Morrisons Delivery Pass (from £8/month) will get you free delivery anytime for certain periods. If the pass costs you more than the pass, you will be refunded the difference.

Ocado Grocery Delivery Information

Ocado Delivery Minimum Spend: £40

Ocado Delivery Fee: £2.99-£6.99 (Free with spend over £75 on Wednesday, or with a Smart Pass)

Other Important Info: Ocado offer a smart pass which gives you free delivery anytime for certain periods (£10.99/month).

Sainsbury's Grocery Delivery Information

Sainsbury's Delivery Minimum Spend: £25

Sainsbury's Delivery Fee: £1-£7 (Free with spend over £100 Monday-Thursday after 2pm)

Other Important Info: You can choose between two delivery passes but have to spend at least £40 per shop (from £10).

Tesco Grocery Delivery Information

Tesco Delivery Minimum Spend: £25

Tesco Delivery Fee: £1-£7 + £4 if below £40 (Free with spend over £40 on Delivery Saver scheme)

Other Important Info: The Tesco Delivery scheme (from £6.99/month) offers you free delivery over £40, maximum one delivery per day.

Waitrose Grocery Delivery Information

Waitrose Delivery Minimum Spend: £60

Waitrose Delivery Fee: Free


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