Top UK Broadband Services

Broadband technology is one of the most profound communications methods in history and yet, many of us take this innovation for granted. Whether referring to television, telephone, Internet or mobile devices, the fact of the matter is that life as we know it would quickly grind to a halt if broadband suddenly stopped functioning (think about the occasional Facebook outage or an email crash to fully appreciate this observation). Let's take a quick look at the principle behind this technology before listing the top providers in the United Kingdom as well as how to get the best package deals.

Broadband at a Glance: What is it and How Does it Work?

As the name might already suggest, broadband technology allows a greater amount of data (measured in bytes) to be transmitted at any given time when compared to older systems such as dial-up connections. In the past, rates were measure in kilobytes per second. They are now gauged in megabytes per second (Mbps). The main advantage here is that we can enjoy streaming videos chat with friends in real-time over systems such as Skype and download truly staggering amounts of data in the blink of an eye. As the majority of broadband users now employ wireless technology, we no longer have to be “hard wired” into a system to experience these and other benefits. A final advantage is that unlike some other methods such as fibre optic cables and satellite technology, broadband is virtually universal; even those living in rural areas can access the Internet in no time at all.

The Top Broadband Providers

The United Kingdom was one of the pioneers of broadband technology, so it only stands to reason that there are a number of respectable providers currently available. Unlike energy and gas services, most of these firms offer plans throughout the entire country. The top-rated companies are:

Rating a provider is generally based off of several factors. These include availability, transmission rates, the type of contract, the cost and the level of customer service offered. So, how are you to know which company is the best option?

Choosing Your Broadband Provider

The first thing to remember is that the majority of these companies also offer telephone and television service alongside basic Internet. This is important, for you will then be able to pay one monthly bill as opposed to numerous charges. Another key metric is that there are a number of bundles to choose from. These can range from basic (capped) Internet to unlimited access, free weekend phone calls and a host of HD television channels to enjoy.

Still, there are two issues to keep in mind. You will be required to commit to a minimum contract of 12 months. If you cancel during this duration, you will be charged somewhat hefty termination fees. Secondly, the rates offered for the first contractual cycle are likely to rise once the agreement is renewed. This is why you should always read the terms and conditions carefully.

Selecting the most appropriate broadband provider is actually much easier than you think. The use of online comparison sites can also enable you to contrast different firms in a side-by-side manner; an excellent way to make an informed decision.

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