Top UK Electricity Providers

There are a wide variety of energy providers throughout the United Kingdom and each one of these firms tends to be associated with a specific region. This may lead you to believe that you have little choice in regards to the services that you will be able to obtain. On the contrary, there are many ways to enjoy amenable rates as well as a host of additional benefits that will save a great deal of money on local bills. Let's first take a look at some of the top ranked providers in 2019 before moving and discovering the easy in which you may very well be able to enjoy reduced tariffs.

The Biggest UK Electricity Providers of 2020

Although there are literally dozens of firms to be found across the nation, the fact of the matter is that a handful tend to stand head and shoulders above the rest. The largest energy suppliers in the UK are commonly referred to as the "Big Six". Those are the following companies:

  • British Gas
  • EDF Energy
  • E.ON
  • npower
  • Scotish Power
  • SSE

According to the latest statistics, these companies hold a combined market share of 70% for electricity supply, and 68% for gas. There are several factors which all of these companies have in common. They serve a very wide customer base, they offer competitive rates in terms of charges per kilowatt hour of energy used and above all, they offer extremely flexible pricing packages based upon the requirements of the user.

The Top Challengers To The Big Six Electricity Companies

In recent years some challenger companies have appeared, which try to distinguish themselves from the Big Six by offering even more competitive pricing, higher levels of customer satisfaction and more flexible packages.

Electricity Companies With The Highest Customer Satisfaction

The following companies recently topped the charts in terms of overall customer satisfaction:

  • Octopus Energy (80%)
  • So Energy (78%)
  • Robin Hood Energy (78%)
  • Tonik Energy (76%)
  • Ebico (76%)

The companies that scored the lowest were Solarplicity, Spark Energy, npower, Scottish Power, and British Gas. All of the Big Six were in the bottom third of companies, with SSE being the best rated in terms of customer satisfaction.

The Greenest Electricity Suppliers of 2020

These programmes are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom. While they are available in a number of forms, the final intention is the same. Regional governments and town councils are increasingly interested in renewable energy sources. Consumers who adopt these approaches will be given cash-back rebates and other incentives in relation to their monthly bills. As well as adopting alternative methods of generating power, these companies sometimes help your carbon footprint by checking the insulation of a flat and suggesting you purchase new heaters such as more efficient “combi” boilers. Green energy is generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, wave & tidal power. Here are the most eco-friendly energy suppliers of 2020 (all offer 100% green electricity):

  • Bulb (best overall)
  • Green Energy UK (100% green gas too)
  • Outfox The Market (cheapest)
  • npower (best option from the Big Six)
  • Ecotricity (only vegan green energy supplier)
  • Ovo Energy (best for customer service)
  • Co-op Energy (best for local energy)

Let's now take a closer look at some great advice that will help you to save an appreciable amount of money.

Finding the Best Electricity Deal in 2020

It is always important to compare and contrast the plans that are offered by electricity providers. Take a look at the tariffs and determine whether or not they will be subject to change in the near future. In addition, speak with a customer service representative if you have any questions in regards to the terms and conditions set forth in the contract. Before you commit to anything, enquire if there is any type of early termination clause in the event that you wish to switch companies in the future. You can compare energy prices from multiple providers at once through sites such as Energy Helpline.

Auto Switching Your Electricity Providers To Better Deals

The UK's top auto-switching site is Look After My Bills. They have been featured heavily in the UK media and the founders received the best deal in the history of Dragons' Den on the BBC (all 5 Dragons offered to invest!). Signing up to the service takes 2 minutes, and Look After My Bills will review your current plan against the market. If a better deal is found, then you will be automatically switched to it at no cost to you. You can check them out here.

If you are not a fan of Look After My Bills for any reason, then an auto-switching alternative is Migrate. You can see if they are better suited to you here.

Other Useful Tips and Tricks

As we mentioned previously, there may be home improvements that can be made in order to reduce energy bills. In fact, many providers will offer free energy assessments that will be able to determine if you are losing heat and therefore, spending more money than is necessary. It is also wise to see if it is possible to upgrade your heating systems to newer models which are more efficient. Power suppliers will likewise be able to offer advice. Keep these tricks in mind so that you will be able to find the right firm for your needs.


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